This cream jacket is made with welsh wool, not my own but bought from the welsh wool museum. i spun it then pin loomed the squares then sewed them together. 

jacket 1.jpg








This jacket is made using Jacob wool from a ewe called clover. 

it has been washed, carded, spun then weaved on two pin looms and finally sewn together. 

This jacket again has been made from wool that has been made by me using wool from our own sheep so mostly cross breeds. each pin loomed square has been through nine processes, washed, dried, carded, dried, dyed, carded, spun then woven and sewn together.

All the jackets come with wooden button decoration, these are made from wood from our smallholding, and made by my husband. they can also come with a inkle loomed belt. jackets priced from £65.00 plus postage.