Wool products

Using the wool from our own sheep we process it and use it in needle felting, peg loom rugs and for spinning.

As you can see from the photos, we make a lot of items, and make to order.


We also take requests for pet memorials. 

  • NEEDLE FELTED ANIMALS from        £15.00 +pp

  • NEEDLE FELT KITS from                      £5.99 +pp

Penguin, robin, blue tit, panda​.

  • PEG LOOM RUGS (30 x 25 inch) from £25.00 +pp

  • NEEDLE FELT SUPPLY BAGS  from     £10.00 +pp

  • Either dyed or natural colours.


Contact us for information on what is available​.

If you want something made to order please CONTACT US.